Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Group Ride at Polk City Van Fleet Trail - be ready to go at 7am
Group Long Run at Lake Hollingsworth - be ready to run at 6am
Group Hills Run - we will post the time and route prior to the first run
Group Meeting at the YMCA will be 7pm
Social - meet at Fort Fraser and be ready to ride at 6:15pm
Social at Beef O Brady's you can follow us from the trail after we are done at 7pm or go directly to Beef's

I think that should cover all the times.



David said...

Could you post what day of the week the group events would be on. Thanks

Dawn said...

The info below can also be found in the blog. thanks :)

Group Runs
Thursdays (starting July 31st) HILLS!!
We will post the route soon but this is the same hill workout that the runners club does every week.

Saturdays (starting August 2nd) LONG RUN
We will meet at Lake Hollingsworth at 6am for a long run ranging from 8-14 miles. We will provide a map with drop off points. Basically this way you can run with the group as far as you need to if you are still building your mileage. If you are just starting out and want to meet to do laps around the lake that works too! Each month we will have a different route so you don't get bored running the same route over and over.

Group Rides
Sundays (starting August 3rd) group ride
We will start our group rides fairly low key with a trail ride. We will do our first ride at Van Fleet Trail out of Polk City. You can ride 20, 40 or the full 60. The trail is flat out and back so we will not have an A,B,C group. The trail does not have any water and only 2 rest stops, one at the 10mile point and one at the 30. Otherwise please be prepared with water and spare tubes etc.